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How to Prepare for a New Garage Door

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

A question which often comes up before a new garage door is fitted is whether anything needs to be done in preparation.

Our professional fitters are well-equipped to fit your new door – which usually only takes a matter of hours – but there are a few useful steps you can take beforehand. We will cover these preparatory measures in this article to ensure you are able to help have the easiest fitting process possible.

Clear space inside the garage

A lot of the work involved in fitting a new door needs to be done on the inside of the garage. This means that our fitters need a good amount of working space to install all the new working parts. If your garage is cluttered, or maybe you use it as a garage gym, this can impede our work and will make the process take longer.

Also, the last thing we want is anything of yours getting accidentally damaged or injuries occurring. Removing your vehicle from the garage and moving back any items in close proximity to the door will be very helpful.

Clear a space outside the garage

The entrance to your garage and the surrounding area will need to be completely accessible for us to begin working. For example, any hanging baskets or nearby ornaments should be temporarily removed during the fitting process.

Again, this is to prevent potential damage to your belongings and to ensure we have clear access, which reduces the likelihood of accidental injuries occurring. Additionally, some types of garage door will need space for when they swing open or closed.

Make sure there’s parking closeby

Ideally, our fitters will park as close as possible to your garage so as to make the fitting process as efficient as possible. Being able to park on your driveway would the best set up as this minimises the distance our fitters have to transport all our equipment, parts and the garage door itself!

Don’t try to dismantle the old door

Our fitters are all experienced professionals who are trained to safely deal with garage door removals. As tempting as it may be to feel like you are getting the process going by attempting to dismantle your old door, this is a bad idea. Without the necessary training, it is very easy to injure yourself or damage the door frame.

Available power supply for automated doors

If your new garage door will be an automated one, you will want to ensure that our fitters can easily reach the power supply which the door will use. It should be easily accessible and free from surrounding clutter. The appropriate power supply will have been identified for you during your free site visit.


JB Doors are garage door specialists, operating throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. We offer a large variety of different types of doors which come in many different styles, materials and finishes. Our expert fitters grant a comprehensive service, providing free site visits, a high quality installation and any repairs and servicing you may need in time.

Get in touch with us today for further information about our products or services or for any general enquiries.

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