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Upgrading Your Garage Door System

Posted: February 26, 2016

Your garage door is a huge visual aspect of your home, taking up to between 20 to 40% of the front of your property.

You’ll find that an old or run down door can lower the tone of your home, as well as make your property look unsecure.

5 Benefits of Upgrading your Garage Door

There are many benefits to upgrading your garage door system that can improve your home life. Maybe you’ve got a fault or maybe you just fancy a new look. Here at JB Doors, we have put together a list of 5 reasons why you should upgrade your garage door system:

1) Increased security

An improved garage door system will be more secure, and therefore harder for would-be thieves to break into. This increased security is of particular importance if your garage is attached to your home as once inside the garage, access to your home is comparably much easier.

If your current garage door was manufactured before 1993, you should be aware that a noted fault in the older systems is the lack of a rolling code system on the remote transmitter. This makes the signal easy to pick up on other devices, leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins.

Technological advances have made new garage door systems much more secure, meaning you can rest easy in the knowledge that your home and family are more protected.

2) Increased kerb appeal

As previously mentioned, your garage door bears a big impact on how your home is perceived, and an upgraded door system can help improve the kerb appeal your property holds.

Garages are a great commodity to have, opening up more space for the safe holding of a vehicle, for storage, or to turn into another room, but an older door can look shoddy, dragging down the overall aesthetic of your home.

Making the most of your garage is key to making your home look more attractive, and an updated system can even add value to your property.

3) Reduced maintenance

Your older garage door system will be constructed out of weaker materials than more modern doors, and require more maintenance as the structure wears down.

Advances in the industry have resulted in more robust and long lasting doors, saving you money in regular maintenance costs.

4) Higher levels of insulation

An upgraded door system will offer higher levels of insulation, so you can keep your home at your desired temperature for longer.

Your garage door can be a huge drain on temperature, especially if connected to your home, so you’ll find that an upgraded door can actually save you money on your energy bills.

5) Reduced risk of injuries

Older door systems have much fewer safety procedures in store, and it is more likely to be an older door that malfunctions and causes injuries to family members or damage to cars.

More modern systems have improved safety mechanisms that reduce the risk of accidents or collisions to keep your family, pets and vehicle safer.

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