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Upgrade your garage: improve your home’s kerb appeal

Updated: May 13, 2020

Posted: October 25, 2019


The garage is often overlooked when it comes to upgrading your house, even though it is an important aspect of your home’s aesthetic appeal. The garden, front door, and roof – among other things – contribute to your home’s overall appearance and so does your garage. Which is why you shouldn’t underestimate the benefits a well designed and organised garage has to offer. 

Why upgrading your garage will improve kerb appeal:

When a potential buyer is viewing a house they will judge the overall look of the home, this includes the garage. If your garage is old and dingy and the door makes an ear-splitting squeak whenever it opens, you could sully the impression of an otherwise lovely home. Even if you’re not planning on selling your house in the immediate future, it’s still important to consider what guests or neighbours will think of your property. Another overlooked aspect is the inside of your garage – most people wouldn’t worry about this as the door is usually closed. That said, on the occasions when the door is open, the inside will be visible, so prevent it from being a cluttered mess. 

Ways to upgrade your garage:

  • Door roller replacement:

It isn’t just the visual aspects of your garage that make an impact, it’s the smooth and quiet operation of the door too. Often the reason why your garage door is creaking is usually because the rollers are worn. An easy way to find out if the rollers need replacement is to wiggle the roller while it is still in the track and see how much movement there is. If there is a lot of movement, the door is ready for new ones. Well functioning door rollers provide maximum safety, as the door will not fail to operate or get stuck. 

  • Revamp the exterior:

When upgrading your home one of the most important features to consider is the exterior of your garage. If the paint is peeling off your garage door and the surrounding walls, and the design is dated and unattractive, then it is time for a revamp. A cheap and simple way to fix up the outside of your garage is to paint the door, a fresh coat in a bold colour, this will do wonders. Adding windows to the door is another touch which is fashionable and modern. If the door is a lost cause then you should invest in a brand new one which is sure to impress visitors or prospective buyers. 

  • Organisation:

A lot of people use the garage as a place to store forgotten and unused belongings, which means it can become quite messy. An organised garage won’t only improve the kerb appeal of your home, it will help your wellbeing. With the addition of some shelves, cabinets and racks, you can make sure that everything is sorted and easy to find. A clean garage will also prevent mould from growing which can severely affect the appeal of your garage and home. 

  • Automated system: 

If you want to make sure your home impresses visitors and passersby, an automated garage door is the way to go. The ease of access will definitely wow your neighbours, and potential buyers will be excited to have such a convenient system.  


Here at JB Doors we are a leading garage door supplier, with over 30 years’ experience fitting and installing high quality garage doors to customers across Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire. If you are interested in upgrading your garage and investing in a new garage door, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 


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