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Roller Garage Door or Sectional Garage Door – Which is Best?

Updated: June 28, 2021

Posted: July 19, 2017


When choosing a garage door, many customers simply want to know one thing: which is best?

Now this isn’t an easy question to answer as the response will depend upon what you want from your garage door. Your priorities may lie with how attractive your new door looks, how it can improve energy efficiency, or how likely it is to resist a break-in attempt?

Considering what you want will help you come to a decision over style and design.

Roller Garage Door or Sectional Garage Door

In this article, we’ll be looking at two of the most popular garage door designs – roller and sectional garage doors – to see how they compare.


The mechanisms of roller and sectional garage doors both have the benefit of opening vertically, without swinging outwards at all – this is very useful for tight spaces. The difference lies in the way that they open. Roller doors roll back into a barrel mounted at the top of the garage door when they are opened, whereas sectional garage doors slide back on to ceiling-mounted runners in the garage, slat by slat.

The difference in mechanism influences the amount of garage space necessary for installation, which can affect your decision. For a standard sized garage door, a roller door will need about twice as much head room for its mechanism than a sectional door. However, roller doors completely remove the need for runners across your ceiling and so if you have a low ceiling in your garage, this may be a more attractive option.


Both types of garage door work well for a standard garage. However, should you need a door for a double garage, a sectional garage door would be a better choice. Domestic roller doors have a maximum width of around 5-6 metres, whereas sectional doors can go up to 8 metres wide.


The look of your garage door is an important factor for many, especially if your garage is attached to your home and clearly visible from the street. When picking a new garage door, it is understandable that you will want it to compliment your home and, to facilitate this, for there to be a wide range of colours and finishes available.

In design, roller doors don’t vary much as their rolling mechanism means thin horizontal slats are necessary. Roller doors can come in various colours, though. In contrast, sectional garage doors have more personalisation options available, with different panel designs and grain effects possible, as well as a wide range of colours to choose from. They can even be styled to match your front door for a coordinated look.

Garage door windows are another design choice to consider. In roller doors, it is rare to have windows, and even then only very thin amounts of glass would be possible. Glass windows of various shapes, glazing and styles are possible for sectional garage doors.


Roller and sectional garage doors come in single or double skin versions. A single skin version will be cheaper and not specifically designed for insulation but, when installed well, will likely still be more insulating than your old garage door. If good insulating properties are high up on your list of priorities, you will want to choose a double skin door for the best levels of protection. Due to the slat arrangement and seals of a sectional door, this style has the insulating edge over roller doors.


In terms of security, the basic versions of either style will not provide maximum levels of protection. As well as benefits for insulation, double skin garage doors provide extra strength and resistance to would-be intruders. A good quality, double skin automatic roller door will provide a big challenge to any thief.

Sectional garage doors are sturdy by design, and have greater lateral strength than the typical roller door. However, when installed with a basic locking mechanism, this becomes a weak spot which can be targeted. Ensure you opt for a euro cylinder lock for improved sectional door security. Alternatively, automation – although less common for sectional doors than roller doors – can remove the need for a basic lock system and obvious point of entry.


As you can see, the best choice for you depends on what you’re looking for in a garage door. For space saving and security, a roller garage door could be the ideal choice. Alternatively, for a larger garage, more design options and insulating properties, a sectional garage door would meet your needs.

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