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How to Choose a Side Hinged Garage Door

Posted: November 17, 2015

The past few years have seen a rise in the number of people using their garage for other means than to store a car. It is likely that this is attributed to an increase in property prices making it more difficult to buy a larger home when needed, which leads to many adapting their garages to makeshift gyms, storage facilities or office space. This, in turn, has attributed to an increase in sales of the side hinged garage door, thanks to its easy operation and simple mechanisms that don’t take up precious space in the interior of the garage.

Side hinged doors are really a great, versatile investment, but you need to keep some considerations in mind when choosing your garage door solution – this guide will provide you with guidance on the matter.

What Style?

Side hinged garage doors are available in a variety of colours and styles, from treated wood grain to white steel, so you can choose a door that’s going to match the decor of your house, whether you own a period home or a modern flat. This is an important aspect to consider as the more the door matches the aesthetic of your home, the better your garage will look.

What Size Doors?

The standard side hinged door is composed of two equal sized doors that open out from the centre; the right hand door is usually the main door, so opens out first. However, if you don’t feel like this is the most practical design for you, you can choose to alter the size of the doors. If you have a large vehicle, you can choose to have one large door that opens out or, if you won’t be using the garage for a vehicle at all, you can opt to have one small door.

What Material?

Depending on your requirements, and your budget, there are a variety of materials available to you for your side hinged garage door. If you are very safety-conscious, you can opt for a double skinned steel door, which is incredibly strong. If you aren’t too worried about the safety of your garage or are working on a tighter budget, single skinned doors offer an affordable and stable alternative. If you are opting for wood, remember to take into account the temperature of your home – wood tends to warp and rot in hot and humid environments so may not be suitable for more tropical locations.

Another consideration: do you require insulation to keep your garage warmer during winter months? Double skinned side-hinged garage doors can be foam filled to offer a high level of insulation.

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