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How To Prevent Garage Doors From Freezing

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

With winter slowly creeping up on us, the mornings are getting frostier and the days chillier. When the snow does finally fall, everything seems to slow down and require more effort to get things done. Schools are closed, trains stop running and sometimes your garage door freezes so you can’t even get your car out! But there are some simple measures you can take that will make your life a bit easier and keep your garage door moving smoothly.

#1 Shovel the snow away: Shovel any snow away from the outside of your garage door. If it’s left there, it will most likely freeze overnight when the temperature drops, causing your garage door to freeze up in the morning when you come to open it.

#2 Table salt: Table salt is the most effective way to ensure any water/snow does not freeze your garage door closed. Sprinkling a substantial amount of salt along the seal where the garage door meets the concrete will prevent this from happening. Salt reduces the freezing point of water, making it much harder for water to freeze, so it’s well worth keeping a plentiful supply of table salt to hand throughout the winter to prevent any unwanted freezing from occurring.

#3 Lubricant: Spray any general lubricant, such as WD-40, on the tracks, rollers and hinges of your garage door. The lubricant – like salt- lowers the freezing point of water. Therefore when sprayed in the right places, this can prevent any freezing and helps keep your garage door moving smoothly.

#4 Warm your car up on the driveway: When you come to warm your car up, make sure you do this when it’s out of the garage and sat on the driveway or road. If you do this inside the garage, the heat can potentially melt any ice and snow that’s surrounding the garage door. This may not seem like a problem at the time, but over time the melted snow and ice will re-freeze and you could return home to a garage door that has frozen shut.

Don’t let the big freeze get in your way this year. Get ahead of the game and protect your garage door from freezing over and causing you trouble on those cold mornings when all you’re trying to do is get to work on time! Whether the source of the problem is a dripping gutter or gusty winds causing snow crevasses to build up against your garage door, you can now use our handy tips to keep your garage door moving freely during the cold months ahead.

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