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Advantages of Composite Doors

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

A front door which is an attractive entrance to your home and also keeps your house secure is a worthy investment. Advantages of Composite Doors When you decide to update your door you will find that there is a lot of variety on the market and many different types to choose from. Some of the … Continue reading

Roller Garage Door or Sectional Garage Door – Which is Best?

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

When choosing a garage door, many customers simply want to know one thing: which is best? Now this isn’t an easy question to answer as the response will depend upon what you want from your garage door. Your priorities may lie with how attractive your new door looks, how it can improve energy efficiency, or … Continue reading

What’s the Best Garage Door for Security?

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

What is the best garage door for security? When choosing a new garage door, one of your prime concerns should be the level of security it can offer, and whether it can prevent break-ins. Old garage doors can have poor security features, be weak and provide poor resistance to intruders and burglars. For this reason, … Continue reading

Safety Requirements for Electric Garage Doors

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

An electric garage door can provide many benefits, primarily due to the greatly improved convenience and non-existent physical effort it requires to open. However, it is incredibly important that an electric garage door meets safety requirements and legislation to ensure that it isn’t hazardous to use. In this article, we will be looking at the … Continue reading

How to Prepare for a New Garage Door

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

A question which often comes up before a new garage door is fitted is whether anything needs to be done in preparation. Our professional fitters are well-equipped to fit your new door – which usually only takes a matter of hours – but there are a few useful steps you can take beforehand. We will … Continue reading

What to do about a broken garage door spring?

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

Springs are an important garage door part. They are an integral part of the mechanism which allows your garage door to be moved easily and smoothly. It is, therefore, an area where problems can’t be ignored and need to be rectified as soon as possible. Due to their importance, this article is dedicated to identifying … Continue reading

5 Common Garage Door Problems

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

A garage door can be insulating, automated and attractive, but if it doesn’t fulfil its basic function and problems arise, this can be highly frustrating and possibly dangerous. Here at JB Doors, we have put together a list of 5 common garage door problems along with how to deal with the issue, so your door … Continue reading

New Year, New Garage Door

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

The New Year period is synonymous with rebirth and change, which is why so many of us take up a new diet or vow to exercise more in the year ahead. However, why should you limit yourself to personal changes of mind, body and spirit? Extend that feeling of revival to all other aspects of … Continue reading

Freezing Weather and Servicing Your Garage Door

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

The temperatures throughout December have fluctuated wildly from mild to freezing, sometimes in the same day. Such irregularities in temperature can cause havoc to machinery and infrastructure, not just to your skin! Areas around your home can be particularly affected, especially your garage door. While last month we looked at the importance of preparing your … Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

Posted on by JB Garage Door Team

At the start of November, the temperature has plummeted from the milder climes we’ve been enjoying this summer. If this is an indication of what’s to come, we can expect this winter to be an exceptionally chilly one.   The cold can have a detrimental effect on your garage door and, in turn, the things … Continue reading